Carl Burnett

The word coming up most often when people talk about me is “FUNKY”. Though my style includes Jazz, Rock and Blues my roots are in Funk. In whatever setting I perform, that foundation always comes through. 

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My first big influence was working with Bill Withers. He stressed to play “The Song” and to always stay in the groove. 

In touring the world in Branford Marsalis’ Band “Buckshot LeFonque”, there were no musical boundaries. His “Just be yourself”, gave me an “outside of the box” freedom that allowed me to realize my own voice as a musician. 

In addition to playing guitar I also have a passion for music production. That work includes Larry Carlton's Grammy nominated recording "Deep Into It'. The title track along with the single "Morning magic" included my production and writing, to which Larry then added his impeccable sense of melody and phrasing. My sound can also be found with multi award winning jazz artist Boney James. Check out some of my work for him, like the title tracks to "Backbone" and "Shake It Up", along with the certified gold "Seduction" and "Sweet Thing". My TV underscore can be heard in shows like Extra, TMZ, Pawn Stars, Teen Titans Go! and more. You can find selections from my TV composing below.




Take 5: Groove Guitar

Groove is all around us. It’s in the pulse of our heartbeat, the connection between the listener and the music we love across virtually every genre from funk, R&B, and soul to rock, modern country, and pop.

Wah Guitar Grooves

Unlike most pedals, the wah-wah isn’t just an effect - it’s actually an instrument unto itself, and when applied to a solid rhythm guitar part — especially a funky guitar part — the groove is undeniable.

The Funk Guitar Survival Guide

Rhythm connects to the Earth and life. Without the consistent rhythm of your heartbeat or breathing, your whole body would be thrown off. This is the essential connection that must be made with your instrument as it relates to keeping solid time and committing to the tempo and groove. The Funk Guitar Survival Guide will give you the keys to playing funk guitar and strengthening your groove.


The idea for "Life Before MIDI" came about while playing in Robben Ford's band. We were talking about recording and Robben said something like, "get some guys together, throw around some ideas and record it". Taking that to heart, I thought, why not and so it began. The spirit of "Life Before MIDI" is jamming with no rehearsal and letting the moment take you. Presented were a few themes and from there we just went for it. The following videos are exclusive to my website and were shot at Fender's Bass Bash featuring Reggie Hamilton and Curt Bisquera. We perform "Funk In G" from my first CD "Life Before MIDI", "Funk E Mofo" from my sophomore release "Life Before MIDI:Naked" and "Shoutz to Ma Brothez" from Reggie's CD "My Village" Enjoy!

Funk in G

funk e mofo

Shoutz to Ma Brothez


Hot right now is Teen Titans Go! Special event “The Night Begins To Shine”. I am a character in the show and produced and co-wrote on the sound track. Check Cartoon Network for showtimes. Here is a clip!

Check out my production site for more examples!